Monday, January 26, 2009

Another week!

OK, another week is starting up. Where did the weekend go? That's right, we slept it away! It is just TOOOOO cold here in Michigan.

This weekend when I opened my kiln to check on my glass, I just stood there soaking up the warmth for a few minutes! I don't know why, but I always want to touch my hot glass. It is just so pretty when it is hot. GOOD thing I know better.

Any way, so to start the week I need to post another piece from my Jaded series. I am aalso starting to work with recycled glass and I have a lot of unfun commitments this week to fit the fun stuff in between. I have also been reading the history of glass and found that slumping and fusing go back to the Egyptian ruins. Neat huh. Then it was faded out as glass blowing came into play. Now it's back baby! Maybe they will find me buried with some of my work some day and put it in a museum LOL


  1. Love reading your posts about your trials with the glass!

  2. Hi there and thanks for visiting me! I just had a look at your Etsy shop and blog... beautiful items!!! Very nice talent on you :)
    Have a great day.