Monday, January 12, 2009

It's time to Shop for Valentines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend I posted a bunch of new designs to my Etsy and Homemade shops online. My goal was to use pinks and reds, to make perfect gifts for Valentines Day, yet for them to be versatile enough to wear year round.

The items I am most geeked about are my new pink fused glass pieces (because I am having so much fun fusing!) and then my deep red vintage drops with the Bali silver.

My other favorite is a design that my daughter created (she is almost 6). She helps me a lot when I work and I was thrilled when she put these beads together on the headpin.

This week I have been working in (green) Jades and copper. I figured that not every one wants pinks and reds for Valentines Day, maybe some "Jaded" pieces would be a good idea LOL: )
I will post them soon.


  1. Great blig, isn't working with glass fun and exciting? Looking forward to seeing more beautiful pieces. Very nice work


  2. Lovely designs and I agree with wanting something we can wear year round! Your daughter is quite the budding designer, already! Teri B from eSMArts Twitter: Teri_B

  3. Are the "Jaded" pieces for the world-weary 'been there, done that' crowd?
    Nice work. Joella

  4. You are well on your way with your blog. It's lots of fun when your daughter starts helping. Mine is 27 and it's still fun. lol

  5. Nice start to an attractive blog! It's neat that your 6 year old is into helping out. Both our kids are grown but we have one granddaughter, just 4, that loves the "pretties" that wife Barb wears and, sometimes, gives as gifts.