Wednesday, March 24, 2010

still behind, but catching up!

We all got better from our colds/sinus infections in time to celebrate Myas 7th Bday and Finish her science project AND get taxes done! I managed to get new items to Karma, a GREAT Hair Salon in Saline MI where I sell some of my work. I have yet to catch up on posting new items to Etsy... Getting ready for Myas Bday party on Sat for her friends to come over. Then life should return to its normal level of slightly more manageable chaos. I have been cooking a lot and am making mental notes of recipes to type/post.
Oh & did I mention that Mya finished Basketball. She got a basket in her last game - SO proud. She is still in Dance and starts Soccer soon. THE FUN NEVER ENDS!
Aiden is sitting up now and eating cereal. He doesn't crawl yet, but he gets where he wants to be! Dragging, rolling.... He is a MOVER & a SHAKER.

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