Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mushroom Burgers

so I had the best Mushroom burger a while back at Grizzly Peaks in Ann Arbor. Since that time I have wanted to try making them, because NONE I have found in the groceries even come close....
I couldn't find anything on the web that sounded like theirs (which their menu said had mushrooms, parmesan & cream cheese), so I tried to merge that with some recipe concepts off the web.... 

Dice & Saute in Olive Oil:
- Mushrooms
- Portabella Musrooms
- Onion
- Garlic

quick Puree (not too much) in processor:
- drained/rinsed Pinto beans
- toasted (unsalted) Soy Nuts
- cream cheese

Mix all above w/:
- Montreal or some other spice blend
- (small amount) A1 steak sauce
- Fresh Parmesan
- Bread crumbs

once the taste is balanced to your preference, Add Egg White, mix

(freeze or cook right away!)

Grill, Broil or Stovetop

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