Thursday, February 4, 2010

Myas 1st Acrylic Painting (at 6 yrs & 10 mths old)

Well this was a long fun adventure... I worked with Mya (note, I have no painting skills...)
I tried to show her the concepts of different textures, blending colors....
She did most of this painting herself. I helped smooth edges & outlines of the more complicated components for her to color in... (wings, wands, bodies...), but in general I tried to have her do as much of it as possible. Also, she controlled all choices of colors and did the more simple components completely alone (sky, bushes, mushrooms, flowers, butterflies....). She did most of the grass with brushes and toothpicks, but got "sick of it so I had to finish a section. The bush was her idea and I taught her how to make it reds in addition to greens with a textured brush.

I am so excited that we were able to enjoy this activity together. Normally she is "done" with a project after minutes. It is neat to see her at an age with an attention span that if I say "are you sure you're done? or would you like to learn how to make the grass look more real by making a pattern with a toothpick" - that she will say "Show me" instead of "no this is good, I'm done" : )  The sunset colors in the sky were her idea after she painted it all 1 plain flat color blue and I showed her on another piece of paper how to blend shades of blues and whites to create a more realistic sky.... It was a blast, even if it did take us way longer (weeks) than I expected.

In the end, CREDIT must go to Aunt Cindy for the facial features. She is a professional artist and we just felt that neither of us could draw mouths or eyes that didn't ruin the whole thing... so Cindy was kind enough to paint very simple features to compliment the rest of Mya's piece - THANKS CINDY


  1. Mya
    Your painting is Beautiful !! I am glad you and Mommy worked together to help you learn some things about art skills. Your colors and ideas for the sky are very nice.
    I hope you have a good day !

  2. Wow, that is so amazing, I can't even draw stick figures Mya, I might have to have you do some art things for me. Love ya, Miss Debbie