Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday night Food w/ a twist! YUM

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes & Blue Cheese

OK, so 1 of our favorite Friday night foods is to make our own twice baked potatoes. Earlier in the week I bake potatoes (this week w/ the meatloaf I already posted).

So then I normally empty the potatoes, mash w/ a little light sour cream/garlic/bacon bites/cheddar. Then I top w/ green onions after baked for the second time.
QUICK & YUMMY. Healthier than getting them from a chain & still yummy enough to feel like a treat.

but, tonight I was out of cheddar AND I needed to use up both plain & sweet potatoes so I came up with a YUMMY SURPRISE NEW RECIPE : )

- Hollow out potatoes & sweet potatoes (equal amounts of each)
- Mash w/ pepper & light sour cream & Blue cheese (I bet goat cheese would be good to, I plan to try that nx wk)
- I add bacon bits from the freezer which I either buy precooked/cut OR make by cooking & breaking up turkey bacon to freeze & pull out as needed.... BUT THIS WOULD BE GOOD W/OUT MEAT TOO
- Top with a little light cheddar or mozzarella blend (if you have it)
- bake to heat through
- Top w/ diced green onions


I just made these & posted them to Etsy. Just in time for Valentines day shopping!  They are called Secretly Jaded Valentine because they  have the little sterling silver hearts and the stone I ended up using is called Soochow Jade (which I will tell you more about in the post)

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