Friday, January 8, 2010

Yummy & Easy Peanut Beef Crock Pot

Yummy & Easy Peanut Beef Crock Pot

Well I didn't get to post a recipe last night. I didn't get to make dinner last night actually! Aiden was sick and Mya had some hard homework. Pretty sure I won't get to cook today either, so I am going to share what I made last week and how quick and easy and yummy it was.

Slow cook:
Beef Roast (chicken would also be good, or pork for that matter)
Peanut sauce or peanut dressing to taste (Marzetti Thai Peanut Dressing or Trader Joe's to name a few... I have made sauce pretty easily in the past too, but when there isn't time, just buy it!)

Toss in frozen peas once the dish is cooked, they just need to heat uppp

Serve over rice

Joe likes xtra peanut sauce heated up in the side to pour on his meat, but you don't need it (or much in the cooked portion) if you are trying to go lean! It's flavor goes a long way and is such a nice change to traditional pot roast....

As for Ardent Designs... that was on hold today to take care of the kids. I do have a picture to share of one of the new designs, but I have yet to post any new items to my store or to get the rest of my works photographed in the past coupld of day.... I hope the weekend brings me time to get more done and posted.

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  1. Here's another great recipe! My husband is a peanut fiend!!! He thinks peanut butter goes with absolutely anything. I have trouble coming up with peanut main dishes. This will fill the bill wonderfully! Thank you!